New Contest: How to make a Difference & Win!

Ready? Keli and both are very excited to announce our… New Contest:  How to Make a Difference & Win! So… what’s this about, Shawn?  Well, it’s about a couple things.  First and foremost, it’s been about six months since our last contest – Our video testimonial contest.  So, I figured it’s time for another one!…

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“Top Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid”

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Are you over whelmed trying to place ads on Facebook?  You have not seen results, yet heard people share success stories? Make sure you are aware of these “Top Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid”! Please message me at the bottom of this page if you have specific questions that I may be able to help you…

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What is the size of the Timeline Cover Photo, Profile Image or App?

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What is the size of the Timeline Cover Photo, Profile Image or App? What is the proper size for a thumbnail of a link? Do the dimensions change depending upon whether it’s on the Timeline, desktop News Feed, sidebar or mobile? The truth is that it’s impossible to keep up with it all and certainly not something…

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Order Your Custom Facebook Business Page

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It is simple really…  most of you don’t have the know how to create a Successful Facebook Business Page, with all the graphics, images and proper design for success elements. You may say oh yes I can do that yet… it will be added to your things to do list and that is where it…

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Does Facebook’s NEW update affect your business?

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The answer to “Does Facebook’s NEW update affect your business” is a huge  “YES, it does!” IF….    if you currently have a business page    if you would like to have one and learn how to use a FB business page effectively    if you want to succeed in business in today’s market you need…

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