How Can One Hour Change Your Life?

How Can One Hour Change Your Life? Regardless of where you are currently: broke, miserable and struggling doing okay and mostly happy financially free and very excited about life There’s more you’re capable of.  There’s more you’re called to – by Life, God, the Universe – whatever you want to call it. And I’m here…

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How to Know You’re Going in the Right Direction

If you’re like just about everybody else on the face of this Earth, you’ve probably had instances where you wondered if you were moving in the right direction. Maybe you’re there right now. Perhaps you’ve been going back and forth between two opposing options.  Maybe you’re faced with a multitude of possibilities, and you really aren’t sure…

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Order Your Custom Facebook Business Page

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It is simple really…  most of you don’t have the know how to create a Successful Facebook Business Page, with all the graphics, images and proper design for success elements. You may say oh yes I can do that yet… it will be added to your things to do list and that is where it…

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Does Facebook’s NEW update affect your business?

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The answer to “Does Facebook’s NEW update affect your business” is a huge  “YES, it does!” IF….    if you currently have a business page    if you would like to have one and learn how to use a FB business page effectively    if you want to succeed in business in today’s market you need…

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NEW spam law – CASL – Afraid?

I am writing a quick post to be able to recommend the email company I use – so you can organize your contacts, implement your unsubscribe links and “get compliant” before the law is in effect! There is NO NEED for fear about this new spam law… when you understand how much a company like this can…

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How to Take Advantage of Uncertainty

We all experience it throughout our daily lives: uncertainty. But what do we do about it? Read through this post, and I’ll share something you can do right away to show you… How to Take Advantage of Uncertainty. You see, uncertainty often gets the best of us.  It can get in the way of our…

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The Common Demoninator to Your Problems

I had to think about it for a minute.  What to write for a Blog Post.  It’s been a while, after all.  Well over a week, I would say.  Actually… that gives me an idea.  You see… …I’ve been traveling for the last week. Well, it took a total of 47 hours.  Wow, eh?  Yeah,…

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Why Parents Don’t Love Their Kids

Why Parents Don’t Love Their Kids Did I get your attention?  Good.  This is an important post and I really hope you read it, take it in, and share it with others. For those who don’t know… I’m a dad.  In fact, I’ve got three kids.  Two boys and a daughter.  Ages 14, 11, and…

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10 Habits of Highly Successful Coaches (& People)

Okay.  I’ve been thinking of writing this blog post for a while… but hadn’t yet taken action on it, because I initially ONLY  applied these tips when I was coaching a Life Coach (helping him build his practice and make changes in his personal life as well as save his marriage).  Then I got to…

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What could you accomplish with a coach?

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You know, it’s something that I naturally address when meeting with prospective clients… but I never considered addressing the question  here in this blog. What could you accomplish with a coach? Have you ever asked the question of yourself? To be perfectly honest, I never asked the question throughout many years of operating a world-class…

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