Can You Master Your Mind?

Can you master your mind, what roll does your sub conscience mind have, how do you over come negative thoughts

Is it possible? Can You Master Your Mind? Well, when you look at the Law of Attraction, when you really start understand the process of creation, you start to realize just how important your thinking is. So… Should you worry over your negative thinking?  Nah.  Remember, you’re the one in charge.  You’re actually more powerful…

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Wake Up From Your Slumber!

Wake Up From your Slumber! Actually, quite often when people first wake up from the slumber that society has placed them in they panic!  It’s because when they first start to awaken, people take stock of their thoughts, their current mind-sets, attitudes and emotions and discover that most (if not all) of their thinking has…

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What do you need to “un-learn” About the Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction, the ollin group, how to get the law of attraction to work,

What do you you need to “un-learn” about the Law of Attraction? Well, think about it for a minute.  We learn new things all the time, right?  And when we learn new things, it makes us better and more effective, right? Well, not necessarily. Especially when it comes to the Law of Attraction.  In order…

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Taking Control, One Thought at a Time

Most people think that the Law of Attraction will give them instant gratification.  Here’s the truth: IT WON’T. But it will give you exactly what you want.  EXACTLY. If you’re ready for the first step that is absolutely critical in properly utilizing the Law of Attraction, start by… Taking Control, One Thought at a Time.…

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Reflections in the Mirror

law of attraction, your results are a reflection of what is going on inside, mirrors in life

Have you looked in the mirror lately? The mirror of your results, that is.  What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Well… you see… Reflections in the Mirror. When you think of the Law of Attraction, you come to realize that it is not trying to make you miserable (though it’s easy…

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Repetition Attracts… Repeatedly

law of attraction, law of creation, what you repeat attracts, the ollin group, how do you get the law of attraction to work,

Repetition Attracts… Repeatedly Simple, right? When you’re looking at having the Law of Attraction work for you (instead of against you), it’s VITAL to understand how you’re thoughts are translated to the Universe. Typically, people spend inordinate amounts of time thinking of the things they don’t want in their lives.  They become anxious and worried,…

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The #1 Error with the Law of Attraction

Are you making it? The #1 Error with the Law of Attraction? You know, it’s funny how life can be sometimes (or rather how we can be 😉  No matter who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve been, you can still be susceptible to falling into old patterns of conditioned ways of thinking and…

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Can Success Be Found In This Question?

Can Success Be Found In This Question? I guess it helps if you know what the question is. No worries. Here it is: Who Are You? That’s the question. What’s it got to do with success? Maybe a little, maybe a lot. Read this short article and then watch the video below to find out.…

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Identifying Limitng Beliefs

Identifying Limiting Beliefs FACT:  Your external world is a direct reflection of what is going on inside you – nothing more, nothing less. What if you’re thinking positive thoughts, saying affirmations, visualizing, praying, or evoking benevolent spirits, etc, etc and still not getting the results you want?  It’s simple, really.  You see, all of the…

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What It Takes To Be A Good Father

What It Takes To Be A Good Father Hey, all you dad’s out there!!! Have you ever wondered that? What It Takes To Be A Good Father? Who said, “No?”  You shouldn’t be a dad. For those who are wondering… I thought I would put together a little article based on my own experiences –…

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