Can You Master Your Mind?

Can you master your mind, what roll does your sub conscience mind have, how do you over come negative thoughts

Is it possible?


Can You Master Your Mind?

Well, when you look at the Law of Attraction, when you really start understand the process of creation, you start to realize just how important your thinking is.


Should you worry over your negative thinking?  Nah.  Remember, you’re the one in charge.  You’re actually more powerful than all of your thoughts put together.  But…

“Your thoughts still have the ability to inscribe a new reality for you.  This is actually vital.  You just don’t need to panic over the negative thoughts – but you do need to change ’em.”

The good news?

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work instantly.  There is quite often a delay between the manifestation of what you need and desire in your life.  Now, is this a good thing, and how does it relate to mastering your thoughts?

Well, it’s kinda two-fold.

First, if the Law of Attraction were to work instantaneously, if you were to think of a pink elephant while you were in your living room… you’d end up with a pink elephant running through your living room!  Not so good, right?  So a delay is helpful.

A delay in the process of manifestation also allows you to fine-tune your thinking.  In other words, as you become more aware of your thoughts (and really how automatic they are, but that’s a story in and of itself) and the associated feelings – your vibration – you can change them.  You get to change your focus.  Pay attention to how you feel.  Don’t like how you’re feeling?  Change it.  After all, how you’re feeling is an indicator of what you’re truly thinking. 

How do you change it?  There are quite a few tools, so-to-speak.

The simplest one that I can share in a limited space is this: separate the story you tell yourself about the feeling from the feeling, itself.  Don’t label, judge, criticize or affirm the supposed reason for the way your feeling.  Just experience the feeling.  What does it actually, physically feel like in your body (not what happened or didn’t happen to cause the feeling.)

Start there, and you’ll be well on your way.




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  • Great video… I really like pink elephants.
    I appreciate what you say about mental clarity, its working for me:)

    • Awesome! I’m glad that is making a difference! (pink elephants are great, aren’t they?)

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