How to Become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent (or Sales Professional)

Have you ever wondered…

How to Become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent (or sales professional)

If you’re already in Real Estate or you’re thinking about it or you know someone who is, then there are certain things you need to know to make it to the top.  In fact, this is true of any industry that involves sales.  But there’s more to it and it may not be what you think.

Take a look at two Realtors.  Give them the same information, the same instructions and the same opportunity… they get a different result.

Why?  Some people will say that one was more motivated than the other or that one had a bigger why or was more disciplined.  But why are they that way to begin with?  You can change careers, change work environment, change homes (like your clients if you’re a Realtor reading this), change spouses, or change countries.  But no matter where you go… you still take you with you.  You’re the common denominator to your success or lack there-of.

So if you would like to know “how to become a top producing real estate agent,” and if it’s not necessarily the things you think you need to do, what do you do?

To answer that question, imagine for a minute how much potential you have to be successful.  Now, let’s say you held a decent level of belief in your potential.  How much action are you likely to take?  Right.  A decent amount.  What kind of quality can you expect in those actions?  Again, a decent level of quality.  And what happens when you take that action.  You get results.  And those results, in turn, strengthen your belief in yourself.  It becomes an upward spiral (and you start to believe in everything you’ve been taught to do as a Real Estate Agent).  But what happens when you start to doubt your potential (even if you don’t show it or admit it to yourself)?  How much action do you take then?  Exactly.  Not much.  And the quality of those actions?  Precisely.  The results?  Yeah… pretty dismal, to-say-the-least.  How does that affect your belief?  You can see a pattern here, correct?

Now, what if you were to become certain about your potential?  How much action would you then take and what would be the quality of those actions?  YES!  You’d take massive, determined action, knowing that even if you made mistake after mistake, you’d still get to where you want to go.  These actions would be incredibly high quality.  And the results?  Through the roof!  You see, you could be doing everything “right” and still not be getting anywhere.  Why?  Quite simply, at some level – conscious or unconscious – you don’t really believe in your potential to achieve what you say you want to achieve in real estate (or any sales position).  People unconsciously feel that doubt and simply opt to not work with you.  They might not even know why.  But when you make the shift to high-quality actions,  everything changes.

So, how do you make that shift?

While it can be a complex process for many, you can also experience results now.  You don’t have to wait to begin to see change and, hence, find yourself rapidly becoming a “top producing real estate agent.”

You can start by asking yourself the following questions (you MUST take action on your answers):

  1. What am I focussed on right now?  Is it something within your control or outside of it?  Is it something from your past or from your future?  Is it what’s missing, what went wrong, what someone did or didn’t do? Or, are you focused on things that are currently within your control, that are going well, or what you have to be grateful for and where you’re going?
  2. What meaning am I bringing to this situation?  We have the tremendous power and responsibility of assigning meaning to interactions, situations and events in our life.  You could come across a black cat and be wary of it as an omen of bad luck, you could see it as a beautiful creature, you could decide it is ugly and annoying or you could barely acknowledge its existence.  The point is… you get to decide.  So, have you given your current deals and listings a positive meaning such as knowing, with certainty, that they will sell?  Or, have you given them a negative meaning such as believing that you can’t find the right buyer or that the deal has too many conditions and therefore won’t be accepted?
  3. What paths of action are available to me right now?  Do you have more than one way to get there?  How else might you achieve your outcome?  What resources do you already have that will contribute to getting your outcome?  The more choices, the better.  Identify the first step and make sure that it is something achievable.  Next, identify other steps that might be necessary or become available along the way.  And the important part here is that you must commit to taking the appropriate action and do so with an inner attitude of absolute victory.

Even if you do nothing else, by asking these three questions and taking action on them consistently on a daily basis, you will begin to move in the direction of your goals and you you quickly understand “how to become a top producing Real Estate Agent” regardless of your experience thus far.  It’s entirely up to you.

Once you’ve practiced asking the above questions and thoroughly answered them, please leave a comment in the comments section to share your thoughts and insights.  Just by doing that, you take your commitment and accountability to an entirely new level and you may just inspire someone else to do the same.

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