Meet Keli

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About Keli...

Keli's drive and work ethic lead her starting her career path at 17 and after having spent more then ten years successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Keli felt she needed a change of direction.

Her inner, creative side yearned for expression. So, with little more than her deep connection to her own intuition and to the Universe, Keli embarked on a remarkable journey that would see her traversing the globe in search of fulfillment. She made the trek to Italy on more than one occasion to learn the fine art of Trompe L’oeil (mural painting) as well as high-end faux finishing.

Keli feels her grandest accomplishment in life is her beautiful and loved children! She admits that they are her number one reason for doing everything"

Having painted in Vancouver for a few years, when Keli met husband, Shawn, she made the decision to move back to Vancouver Island – where she grew up – and continue creating inspired works of art together.

Since that time, Keli was instrumental in helping husband, develope and grow multiple businesses, including a full-time martial arts facility, and a completely organic, raw foods restaurant.

Having first attended a Transcendental Meditation (TM®) retreat at the tender age of six, and subsequently grown up with the practice, Keli is no stranger to mind, body, and spirit awareness. Despite having lost the motivation to practice during her teenage years, Keli rekindled her practice later in life, becoming re-certified in TM® at age 20, after realizing the tremendous impact meditation had on her as a child. Having returned to her deep spiritual connection as an adult, she has been able to heal health issues, find balance in her life, and experience a profound connection to spirit.

With well over 1600 hours of personal development course experience,  Keli has also created personal development programs that have taught women to feel empowered, including a meditation program run through a local midwife centre helping expecting moms connect with their inner, wise woman and baby. 

Keli and Shawn have also raised three incredible children, impressing upon them the importance of awareness and presence, as well as helping them live their purpose and passions every day. As a mother, Keli strives to be an example of truth in their lives and all that is possible for them, but she knows how easy it can be to lose your sense of self.

She is well-versed in the methods of regaining your true self in a way that can be deeply satisfying, and foster more experiences of presence and awareness in your life. Her experience as a coach and Certified Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor allow her to support and nurture women all over the globe to feel confident, empowered, and strong in the way they raise their children and live their lives.

Important Accomplishments....

  • Meditation Facilitator

    At age 6 attended her first TM (Transcendental Meditation) retreat. Being re-certified at 20 years old. Ran a meditation group for pregnant moms called Miracles (with local midwives support) to assist Mom’s in connecting with their “Inner Wise Women” and baby.

  • Being a proud Mom

    Being completely dedicated to teaching her children the foundation of a fulfilled life (spiritual, mental, physical) lead to homeschooling for 6 yrs. Having beautiful & peaceful (home) births.

  • Martial Artist

    Owner/system developer of world-class Martial Arts/fitness facility Participated in and won her first full contact Muay Thai fight at age 39 in Las Vegas Muay Thai Kru certification through Grandmaster Toddy and IMTA .  Muay Thai Referee & Judge Certification in Thailand through The Institute of Physical Education Muay Thai Conservation Center of Thailand

What people are saying about working with Keli...

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I have been working with Keli Carpenter on marketing, branding and systems.

She is an absolute delight to work with and such a visionary. Her knowledge of the systems and Social Media tricks of the trade are refreshing and current. She understands people and their goals and how to get them there. Social Media is the current wave and the wave of the future and she is a visionary and a true pleasure to work with and learn from.

I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about systems and taking their business to the next level.

Jason Binab, MacDonald Realty Inc