New Contest: How to make a Difference & Win!


Keli and both are very excited to announce our…

New Contest:  How to Make a Difference & Win!

So… what’s this about, Shawn?  Well, it’s about a couple things.  First and foremost, it’s been about six months since our last contest – Our video testimonial contest.  So, I figured it’s time for another one!  After all, I don’t know about you, but I find contests exciting!  I like the challenge, the (friendly) competition, the camaraderie as people become part of a common cause, the difference that can be made depending on the type of competition, and of course… the prizes 😉

Timing-wise, I think many of you know that my practice typically has about 10 clients at a time.  Because of the way the packages are set up, every month and a half or thereabouts, I have two coaching spots open up.  They usually fill up within a week or two.  And, it just so happens, that there are two spots available now.

Is this a little shameless self-promotion?  You bet!

But here’s the thing: when you click on the link to watch my special video message regarding the contest, you’ll see why everyone who’s involved comes out a winner.  Check it out HERE:

New Contest: How to Make a Difference & Win!

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