Marketing Strategies

Do you have a marketing plan or systems in place to manage and connect with contacts and bring in new clients?

If you are spending money on newsletters, direct mail or banner type advertising or if you think spending money on branding, your website and SEO will bring you clients in today tech world  - you are throwing your money away!

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Simply, when we refer to marketing and systems, what we’re really talking about are true systems of leverage pin-point marketing to gain the clients you want on autopilot, all using high-tech and high-touch to meet the demands of todays clients.

Why and how do people (prospects) convert into clients in any business?

 There is only 3 ways people and up becoming clients -

  1. They want what you have! Then the next question is "What sets you apart?" how do they find you and do you have a system that show cases you as the expert whether you are speaking direct with them or not?
  2. You have built Know/Like/Trust with someone. In business this usually takes many, many hours of communication, showings, demo's what have you... let me ask... do you have marketing plan and system in place that will build the Know/Like/Trust on a budget targeting your ideal client - even while you sleep?
  3. You have manipulated (hard selling) them in some way - not worth further comment!

Where you you fall when assessing those points? Do you have what you need in place?

Okay.  Time to dispel a few myths.

  • Traditional advertising no longer works!

    Traditional advertising no longer works! Having your ad on a bus bench will NOT get you in front of the people you’re looking for. Your targeting/audience is far too broad.

  • Today an "on-line" presence does not just mean a website or social media accounts.

    Having an “online presence” does not mean having a website, or Facebook page!  It is so much more involved than that.

  • Visitors to your site does not equal paying clients

    Visitors to your website does not mean that you are speaking to the right people or that they’ll buy from you – unless you know how to reach the right people, you are just getting “window shoppers!”

  • Likes on your facebook business page does not equal sales

    “Likes” on Facebook (or other social media) does nothing for your sales! (though it can help your credibility IF the “people talking about you”stats are also high –  I’m sure you can agree that we can’t pay our bills with our credibility!)

  • Direct mail is like throwing your money away.

    Direct mail as most people know it is unpredictable and wasting your money. Mail-outs are virtually ignored!  On average, it takes seven seconds for them to reach the recycling bin!

  • Your social network is not your source of prospective clients

    Unless done right you will be seen as nothing more then a “used car salesman”.

So, what works, then?

  • Learn to connect the dots

    Traditional advertising certainly does has its place.  But on its own, it is just no longer effective. What you need to do is learn how to bring it all together in a way that speaks to your target audience – your “tribe” – and entices them to take action. You need to connect the dots (your business cards,website, social media and mail-outs – we are not referring to branding!). And that’s where Keli comes in. She teaches you exactly how to do that in a way that is effective, efficient and fun, giving your clients what they want and helping you to win!

  • You must create a system that builds KLT (Know/Like/Trust) factor, on autopilot.

    You need to start by coming across as the expert and utilizing your unique strengths.  Keli will help you uncover what they are and show you how to lead with them.  She will also help you showcase those strengths and your expertise in a way that doesn’t reek of “commission breath,” but instead speaks to your target market.  She will assist you in building a on-line reputation that helps your target audience, collect there contact and build know, like and trust you even before meeting you (autopilot)!

  • You must maintain a “high-tech & high-touch” business.

     Keli has been known to emphasize the following point: you need to have high-tech and high-touch in order to really succeed in today’s market.  People want to know that you have what they want and they want to know YOU on there time(on-line).  People have always craved authenticity… it is ever more so the case today!  As we continue to make more and more strides in the advancement of technology, it becomes more and more vital that we have that human interaction – it is that connection with you that your customers want and need.  Here, Keli will help you ensure that you bring your most authentic self into the picture so that you develop that true connection and rapport with your clients.  Yours will be a “high-touch” business – and as a results will be a “highly memorable” business, as well!

Check out our Raves and Reviews page for more testimonials

"Her (Keli) knowledge of the systems and Social Media tricks of the trade are refreshing and current" 

"I have been working with Keli Carpenter on marketing, branding and systems.

She is an absolute delight to work with and such a visionary. Her knowledge of the systems and Social Media tricks of the trade are refreshing and current. She understands people and their goals and how to get them there. Social Media is the current wave and the wave of the future and she is a visionary and a true pleasure to work with and learn from."