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These three 3 steps will sky rocket your success regardless of the economy, the market or even your current skills.

  • [VIDEO #1] Discover why you could have all the sales training in the world and it does not guarantee your success
  • [VIDEO #2] Uncover the #1 thing that will determine your success or lack thereof
  • [VIDEO #3] Learn what you need to know to become more effective with less effort
  • [VIDEO #4] Understand the exact steps to create your “RITUAL” guaranteed to get you RESULTS
  • [DOWNLOADS] 4 downloadable PDF manuals

If you are ready to END your confusion about how true success is created and discover the 3 key things that will guarantee your success then let’s get started!

Discover why you could have all the sales training in the world and it does not guarantee your success


There are many great sales training programs out there… but how many great sales people are there?  Right.  Not many.

Same information, same instructions, same opportunity… different results.  Why?

Find out in this exclusive video!  Then, download the PDF to help you discover what you are better at than 90% of the population!

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Binab Property Group-Video Testimonial

“We Sell Homes” – Video Testimonial

As a realtor I have been used to the usual “ups and downs” of the real estate market; finding myself in one of the worst recessionary markets to date I knew I needed a mental boost.  As Shawn explained the course I realized that this was one of the advantages I was hoping for; without hesitation I said, “Sign me up!” and by the next week we were in full swing.  My attitude got the boost it needed and my business picked up immediately; within the first month I had two sales, within the next month I had four more listings.
Daniel Clover
The Ollin Group has given me a clear path on defining my goals and how to reach them. I have seen an increase of productivity – both in working with buyers and an increase in listings = sales.  My outlook and perspective on things are more positive and it’s evident in how I act daily. Shawn provides insight and guidance that is INVALUABLE. Keli has been extremely helpful for setting up systems. She has good ideas and insights and knows how to execute them. Keli is always there when I have a question and always patient.
Johnny Olarte

I started in the real estate business when I was in my early twenties and was schooled by one of the best and Shawn also is without a doubt, one of the best. I believe it is important to get the latest in sales training at any time during your career but Shawn’s coaching is more to do with you personally as it pertains to character, motivation, patience, endurance and most of all, insight, with respect to human nature. If you know yourself and understand others you are miles ahead of the rest when it comes to gaining the trust and confidence any seller or buyer wants to see in their Realtor.
This is a very time-consuming, if not all-consuming business, so having an ongoing motivational influence is key in my opinion. It’s quite fascinating really, when you become aware of just how many successful agents have coaches.

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