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Marketing & system coach, marketing specialist
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Shawn K Carpenter, Shawn carpenter, strategic interventionist coach, life coach, business coach,

About Shawn...

From international, best-selling author and award-winning artist, to Muay Thai fighter and father of three, Shawn's life has been full of adventure.  You could say he's done a few things right and certainly more than a few things wrong - he has been on both sides of success – and this, in turn, has helped him get to where he is today. Where is that?  Shawn is blessed to work with entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business owners and Real Estate Agents, helping them to create transformation and success in both their professional and personal lives.  He is currently...

He is currently running his coaching practice, called The Ollin Group, along with his wife, Keli. After having been a coach in various forms from the time he was young, Shawn has also had the honour and privilege of learning from some of the world's top coaches, including Steve G. Jones, Dr. Joe Vitale, Anthony Robbins and others.  This, combined with his own experience of success and failure has contributed immensely to the amazing coaching practice the couple share today. Through their company, the couple offer a variety of programs that range from individual coaching, to leadership coaching, to group and team coaching. Shawn specializes in helping people improve their business by doubling their sales, improving their communication skills and their relationships, increasing their confidence, discovering their unique strengths, gifts and purpose, and creating transformation at a level that really determines a person's results: in their beliefs and their emotional and behavioural patterns.

Alongside coaching, Shawn continues to pursue his other passions in life including his beautiful family, art and writing, Muay Thai, spending time in nature and spirituality/Enlightenment.   We are all here for a reason, and Shawn's is helping people discover what that is while creating transformation in their professional and personal lives, ensuring that their most authentic self breaks through to create the success they desire.

Important Accomplishments....

  • Coaching Certificates

    Strategic Interventionist Coach (and continuing training courses) through Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark and Magali Peysha and the Robbins-Madanes Training Centre programs.

    Certified Life Coach and certified Master Life Coach through Steve G. Jones.

    Certified Basic and Advanced Law of Attraction Coach as well as certified Basic and Advanced Wealth Practitioner Coach both through Steve G. Jones and Dr. Joe Vitale.

  • Author & In the Media

    Multiple interviews for Radio and Podcast shows.

    International, best-selling author.

    Published author alongside best-selling authors Dr. Fred Wolf and Dr. Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy (and others) from the movie, “The Secret.”

    Numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

  • Artist

    2 years of college – Fine Arts program and award-winning artist.

    Co-owned and operated professional decorative painting studio specializing in high-end faux finishing, mural painting, and portraiture.

  • Life-long Martial Artist

    3 dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. At age 14, opened first Taekwondo school in his home town.

    Founder, owner and Head Instructor for world-class martial arts/fitness facility.

    Numerous Muay Thai fights.

    Muay Thai Instructor certification from KB-One owner/founder Kru Mehdi Porouskoui. Multiple Muay Thai certifications through Grandmaster Toddy and MTIA.  Muay Thai Referee & Judge Certification in Thailand through The Institute of Physical Education Muay Thai Conservation Center of Thailand. MMA Instructor Certification with Bas Rutten in LA.  Level 1 Instructor Certification with Bart Vale.

    Co-creator of year-long Muay Thai Instructor Certification course.

  • Justice Institute of B.C.

    Completed certification through the Justice Institute of B.C. for becoming a Youth Custody worker. Worked in Youth custody until they closed the local facility.

  • Traditional First Nations' Ceremony

    4-year Sundancer, additional Sundances and other ceremonies, Sweat Lodge facilitator and Sacred Pipe Carrier.

What people are saying about working with Shawn...

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After working with Shawn's teachings for only 3 months, I broke a new ceiling as an agent and had a $100,000 week!

Jason Binab, MacDonald Realty Inc

Although a key component of our work together, this has been about much more than the Law of Attraction for me, and Shawn has really taught me how to re-think the way I think!

Ian Brown, Newport Realty

it wasn’t until I met Shawn Carpenter that I really found a “personal development” course which profoundly impacted the direction my business was going.

Daniel Clover, ReMAX