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"I grew up with many limiting beliefs about myself, financial abundance and overall happiness.  After years of struggling both personally and financially, I began looking for solutions, but the solutions I found were only temporary, providing a quick fix and always leaving me exactly where I was to begin with, in a very short time.  Finding that no matter what system I had, how hard or long I worked, or how many audio books I listened to, that nothing seemed to changed.  The issues that plagued me for years through my business, my beliefs about myself and my bank account, are now steadily being replaced with the empowering concepts that enforce my vision, my goals and my most fulfilling life.

I can't say enough about how The Ollin Group has impacted my life and I would encourage anyone to go through this at least once!”

Stacey Rae Stacey Rae

I have been working with Shawn from the Ollin group since Jan 2014.

I would highly recommend working with Shawn, he has helped me break though barriers regarding my limiting beliefs.

Shawn has given me tonnes of great advice but the biggest thing he has shown me is that when you focus on lack, that's all that you will ever be given... more lack. Just take a moment and think about that.. do you have lack of things, love, money, success, relationships, fulfillment?!.. Then you need to talk to Shawn.

Through my work with Shawn I have been able to change my thinking patterns and am now busier in business than I have ever been.  I am happier, healthier and my family has seen a huge change is my presents.  I recommend working with the Ollin group regardless of where you are at in life. Shawn can open your  mind to new possibilities and give you the building tools to get there. Thank you Shawn for everything you've given me, I will never be the same and that is simply amazing!

Tricia Basi Tricia Basi
Pemberton Homles

"I worked with Ollin Group several times.

Going through it showed me my strength, determination, courage to ask myself questions and not be afraid to face the answers. I manifested a house where we are living now, money coming to us more easily and trust that all I need will show up in the perfect time.

Shawn and Keli are an amazing, strong and inspiring leaders that will guide you to your success.

I will recommend this program to everybody who is not afraid to ask for more in life."

Leona Fowler Leona Fowler

My name is Ian Brown and I am a real estate professional. I have been in the business for over 12 years now and by all accounts, I have been very successful at it. I wanted to smooth out some of the bumps in my professional life, and found Shawn. 

I started working with Shawn about 3 months ago and the results have been amazing! He has taught me how to set (AND ACHIEVE) real and meaningful goals. My mindset is better, and my daily grind isn’t a grind anymore. Life seems to miraculously have become easier.  Even though, I set out on a professional journey, all aspects of my life have improved due to a new outlook and fresh perspective.

Although a key component of our work together, this has been about much more than the law of attraction for me, and Shawn has really taught me how to re-think the way I think! 

I am excited for what the rest of this course has in store!  I highly recommend Shawn for anyone looking to take their business or personal life to the next level!

I have been working with Keli Carpenter on marketing, branding and systems.

She is an absolute delight to work with and such a visionary. Her knowledge of the systems and Social Media tricks of the trade are refreshing and current. She understands people and their goals and how to get them there. Social Media is the current wave and the wave of the future and she is a visionary and a true pleasure to work with and learn from.

I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about systems and taking their business to the next level.

The Ollin Group has given me a clear path on defining my goals and how to reach them.  I have seen an increase in productivity - both in working with buyers and an increase in listing = sales.  My outlook and perspective on things is more positive and is evident in how I act daily.

Shawn provides insight and guidance that is invaluable.

Keli has been extremely helpful for setting up systems.  She has good ideas and insights and knows how to execute them.  Keli is always there when I have a question and is always patient.

Johnny Olarte Johnny Olarte

I have taken many "personal development" courses over the past years and have always found them to be of benefit; however, it wasn't until I met Shawn Carpenter that I really found a "personal development" course which profoundly impacted the direction my business was going.  As a realtor I have been used to the usual "ups and downs" of the real estate market; finding myself in one of the worst recessionary markets to date I knew I needed a mental boost.  

When I met Shawn for the first time I asked him what he did for a living.  As he explained I realized that this was one of the advantages I was hoping for; without hesitation I said, "Sign me up!" and by the next week we were in full swing.  My attitude got the boost it needed and my business picked up immediately; within the first month I had two sales, within the next month I had four more listings.  I can attest to the fact that this course of Shawn's was indeed a big help to helping me get back on track; it was just what I needed.  This course is excellent and Shawn's knowledge combined with the comfortable way in which he coaches is highly effective.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Shawn's "personal development" course to anyone.  It is effective and worthwhile - I know that you, too, will say, "Why didn't I take this course sooner?"

Daniel Clover Daniel Clover

I want to thank you for helping me grow my business and provide guidance in my personal life.

I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


After working with The Ollin Group teachings, I broke a new ceiling as an agent and had a $100,000 week!

Prestigious Agent

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