A 6 week journey of discovery and connection to your inner, joyful, wise self and reclaim your power as a woman (and as a mom) so your life moves of ease.

Develop the patience and presence you need to instil in your kids the confidence to express who they are as a unique individual and to realize true fulfillment in life as you do the same.


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Our unconscious patterns, emotional responses, lack of presence, and self-doubt get in the way of our fulfillment and ability to love and nurture our family and ourselves the way we need.

"The deepest nurturing you can give your children (and yourself) is spiritual nurturing.”
~ Deepak Chopra

Would you like to re-claim and embody your authentic self?

There aren't many mothers out there that haven’t sacrificed their desires or needs to provide for their kids at some point.  Yet we all know if it is left out of balance for too long it doesn’t work for anyone - not our kids, our marriage and least of all ourselves.

It is also not unusual to have some built up resentments or blocks that cloud our ability to face and transform life's challenges.

I've have had times where I felt I had lost "me" and needed to navigate myself back to wholeness, authenticity and feeling empowered again.

I can tell you after 18 years and raising 3 children that it is possible to be the parent and wife you want to be, stay personally and professionally fulfilled, in your power and authentic even amongst life’s challenges and standards of trying to be everything to everybody, however it does require some essential practices, healing and the right kind of support.

When we are filled-up from the inside we not only uncover our dynamic authentic self but we can then fully show-up for the ones we love.

It takes a courageous dynamic decision to re-claim your wholeness, advance your spiritual evolution and live your life loving yourself.




  • Inner well-being

    You feel like you’re losing you and true self-care is missing. Find inner well-being and happiness so you become the best you, you can be.

  • Patience and presence

    You desire to embody the skill of patience and understanding with your kids so you can be present in the moment regardless of life’s circumstances.

  • Release stress and frustration

    You want to be a fulfilled, confident woman and find a sense of inner power and peace so that stress and frustration don’t keep you trapped in your old stories.

  • Self-doubt and worry

    You’re done with self-doubt and questioning your abilities and choices. You are ready to increase your self-confidence, self-worth and intuition, knowing it can never be taken away.

  • Confident children

    You want to instil inner strength and confidence in your children, so they trust themselves and don’t fall victim to the wrong crowd, outside influences, and opinions.

  • Win-win, clear boundaries

    You don’t want your kids influenced by the constant digital distractions and impact they have on your children’s future, yet you are unsure how to set and keep clear, win-win boundaries.

  • Knowing you provided your child the best foundation

    You desire peace of mind knowing you provided your child the best foundation to live a fulfilled life and to understand their purpose within it, so they’re not searching outside themselves for validation, answers, and self-worth.

  • Nourishment versus poison

    You want to uncover your inner strength, self-assuredness, and intuition so you can tell the difference between choices that bring nourishment versus discomfort.


This is for you because...

In this era of quick fixes and pop-up gurus telling us how we should be and how we should parent, things can be confusing at best. To top it off, as moms we question our abilities and choices, what our kids need, how to handle difficult situations and how we can be more present and available without losing ourselves in the process.

Our authentic self is patient, doesn’t hold resentments and yet sets clear boundaries, trusts her decisions and embraces all life’s moments with wonder and gratitude.  From that place of inner awareness, we handle life's obstacles beyond our conditioned responses and outside influences.

We need our true selves to be the best mom that we can be (only you know what that looks like), to let go of stress, to not be influenced by others and to overcome life's inescapable obstacles. This is a journey of experience - not just knowing it in our heads. This program is where we find and cultivate that inner voice that we, as women, have, even if it seems distant currently.


This is for your kids because...

In this world of digital distractions and influences, our kids are bombarded with information that affects how they think, feel and behave. This, in turn, influences how they are as adults. Life will always have unavoidable impediments, but this digital age sways children with an air of authority like never before.

Helping our children develop a solid, inner connection, teaching them how to know and trust themselves and to feel confidence in all life’s situations, free from crippling fear and anxiety, is the greatest gift you could give them. For them to practice non-judgement and acceptance, to know the true meaning of life and their purpose in it (which haunts most adults - even if they don't admit it) is something that can never be taken away.

Children watch and listen to how you are in your life, not the wise words you or others teach. They watch your ability to respond versus react, get caught up in stress or let it go, whether you’re distracted by frustrations or present in the moment.

This course is an opportunity to be the change that you wish to see, so your kids can come to know these truths from experience. We only get to guide them for a short time. Ultimately their journey is theirs.


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Upon registering, you will be given access to the course links, additional information and bonuses. The program is limited to 15 registrants.  This is done so that we can provide personal support in our online meeting room, where we have the ability to talk openly during coaching sessions as well as see each other (if comfortable). This fosters individual support and group connection.

This program is about your inner growth and empowerment - this time needs to be set aside for you. Our private Facebook group is designed to support each other’s journey, growth, and questions.

Leading up to each session, you will receive a pre-recorded video that will go over some of the core concepts, teachings and preparations for the session . This is best watched prior to the session but can also be watched for review.


Your search for true fulfillment, passionate and loving relationships, healthy families, and communities cannot be found from looking outside yourself. We do not believe in giving up your inner voice or power to some guru that’s telling you what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do. There is no shortage of ‘advice’ available.

All of us share experiences, yet they are unique to each individual, and what might be true for someone might not be true for another. Keli will coach you to unveil that deep connection within so that you can step into your power, intuition and wisdom - only you truly know what you need to do to nurture and love your family and most importantly, you. As women we are hard wired with awareness, intuition and inner knowledge - it is time to learn the skills needed to listen and interpret this information.

Keli will hold the space of coach, creating a supportive community that stands for your greatness. By putting our trust in your true self, collaboratively acknowledging your inner wisdom, the best version of you becomes actualized.

Cultivate within yourself and your kids an understanding of how the Universe works, what your purpose is and at the same time learn how to make strong, confident decisions (in the face of challenges).


Our love as a parent and our desire for our children’s health and safety is unquestionable.

It is our emotional patterns, conditioned responses, lack of presence, self-doubt, and lack of self-care (losing our true selves) that get in the way of our fulfillment and ability to express our love fully, and in a way our family can receive.

One of the primary teaching tools throughout this program is the diagram called the “Branches of Life,” where we delve into the components necessary for living a successful life, encompassing a shift to Mind, Body, Spirit awareness. By understanding this diagram you will have the awareness to reshape conditioned patterns, limiting beliefs and transcend Karma, thereby finding the authentic you and embodying your inner strength and stillness. You will also learn to guide your kids to make strong, confident decisions in life, so they're not caught up in the wrong crowd or in what other people think, but instead, are connected to and express who they are as a unique individual.


We will meet in our online meeting room every week for six weeks. The sessions are up to 90 minutes in length and are scheduled at the same time each week.

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Registration is opening soon!


Enter your name and email for notification of the upcoming registration, special waitlist pricing, scholarships and more.

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You will be guided and supported through 6 sessions (weeks) which are broken down into four modules entitled Understanding, Connecting, Being and Empowering.

Keli’s philosophy is that first, we need to let go of our unconscious limitations and resentments before we can see the situation for what it is. This is where we gain a whole new “Understanding” of life and how it works.

The next module is, “Connecting,” where you will learn how to connect you to YOU. You will learn Deepak Chopra’s Primordial Sound Meditation® technique, which is the foundation of everything they do at the Chopra Center. Keli will also be doing specific guided meditations that develop presence and inner awareness.

From there, we move into the module called, “Being.” At this point, you will have transformed stuck and limiting beliefs, shed resentments and connected to your true inner self, thus providing the framework to experience “Being.”

We are now in a place where we can start to share this with our children. This module is called “Empowering” because that is what we now get to do by example - empower those around us.

Learning these tools for inner awareness, finding that deep connection to your true self and cultivating these skills gives you options and choices where you may have felt like you hadn’t had any previously.  Knowledge and skills plus experience are what develop wisdom.

What would your life look like if you were able to see that your problems were actually your biggest gifts? Would your approach to life, your husband and your children be radically different?

This module could be summed up as a complete change of perspective. From the time you were born you have been programmed by your environment; we are all a product of our past programming yet hope to create positive change for our future while still operating from the past. Our unconscious conditioning either works for us or against us - usually the latter.

By implementing Radical Forgiveness® we will remove blocks, gain personal awareness, clean out some cobwebs and let go of any resentments. We are going to give you a gentle, easy, yet powerful reboot.

You will experience the deep profound healing of Radical Forgiveness® even if you don’t have pressing issues, we all carry some resentments, fears or beliefs that limit us.

Please note: while there may be triggers we will not be digging up past yuck or traumatic life situations (that said, you will be given the tools to find emotional freedom from situations).


Do you desire to connect to and maintain your authentic brilliant you? Are you ready to be tapped in, turned on and left feeling fulfilled?

Now that we have shed the past unconscious patterns we will master the secrets to wholeness and connection to our innate wisdom.

When we are aligned with our essential nature and know who we really are life moves gracefully. In this module you will uncover and develop your natural intuition and internal guidance system. Each of us is born with the ability to sense the difference between comfort and discomfort on the subtlest of levels. When we become a witness to these we see when we are miss aligned, giving away our power, or disconnected from our wholeness. You will learn the keys to maintaining this awareness, connection and expanding your consciousness.


Do you have the courage and desire to advance your spiritual evolution?

We will uncover and identify the “higher states of consciousness” - all of which are dynamic tools for inner awareness and deeper connection. Presence, patience, feeling connected to your purpose and seeing the miracles in life is our nature state it just isn't "normal". Uncover your source of creativity, joy and inspiration.

We will have an open discussion, one-on-one coaching and additional practice will be revealed (i.e. love languages, the art of self inquiry, the adore massage and more).


Ever wondered how to share spiritual knowledge and practices with your children in a way they can understand?

This is where your kids get to experience some of what you have. I will go over strategies and coach you how to support your children in meditation, mindfulness and universal truths. I will also identify when not to share this with them (special cases), how to receive your child’s personal mantra and a special bonus section on getting your husband on the same page.


  • 6 recorded guided meditations for adults and children, including a sleep mantra meditation.
  • As a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher you will receive personal PSM® instruction and receive your personal PSM® mantra.
  • Receive your child’s own personal PSM® mantra based on the time, date and place of their birth.
  • Lifetime access to all videos, teachings and materials.
  • Upon completion, you will be added to our “Ollin Group PSM®" Facebook group where you will receive lifetime meditation coaching and support.
  • Receive a recorded Deepak Chopra PSM®. Specifically recorded for Primordial Sound Meditators.


This community of moms is unlike any other. They have walked through this program just like you; therefore, they have the same foundational understanding for both living a conscious, soulful existence, and for wanting to pass that on to future generations.

This unique group of caring, strong women is here to support their greatness and yours. This is not a group for male bashing, blame or being a victim; the women here are ready to shed those old personas, feel empowered, sexy, supported and held up.

All of who you are will be heard and received in a safe environment. You will be supported through transformations.


Primordial Sound Meditation®, or PSM®, is a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. PSM® technique is ancient, yet this system of meditation was revitalized by Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center. For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the mind's busy activity and emotional turbulence into profound peace and expanded awareness.

PSM® isn’t about trying to meditate, sitting in uncomfortable position or forcing your mind to be quiet; it’s about experiencing the silence that's already there and making it a part of your life.

Practicing PSM® on a daily basis allows you to weave silence and stillness into your mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment. Even when your mind is filled with agitated thoughts, you still have access to the inner stillness and calm that always lies beneath the choppy surface of thought and emotion.

"Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there - buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day."     ~Deepak Chopra

"A child in India grows up with the idea that you have to make choices that will create a better future. In fact, your whole life is a continuum of choices, so the more conscious you are, the greater your life will be."     ~Deepak Chopra


Keli learned a mantra-based meditation (TM®) at the early age of 6. Obviously, this was not because she was searching for life’s answers, or had stress related health issues. Keli’s mother was learning, and she took her along. By the time she was a teenager, meditation didn’t seem that important, and it became further and further down her priority list until it was almost completely a thing of the past. Keli did not realize until later in life the huge impact meditation had on her childhood.

After having spent more than ten years successfully climbing the corporate ladder beginning at the age of 17, Keli needed a change of direction. Her health was suffering, and her inner, creative side yearned for expression, as did her passionate, soulful self. Having been a child of meditation, and having studied personal development from the time she was a young adult, she knew what she needed most was a return to meditation; a return to her inner wisdom and healing. Utilizing her deep connection to her own intuition and to the Universe, Keli embarked on a remarkable journey that would see her traversing the globe and her inner terrain.

With well over 1400 hours of personal development course experience, Keli and her husband, Shawn, developed and ran a full-time martial arts facility, as well as a completely organic, raw foods restaurant. Keli set up numerous personal development programs during this time, including programs geared specifically toward empowering women. One of the most rewarding was a meditation program run through the local midwife center helping expecting moms connect with their inner, wise woman and baby.

Keli also created the time to raise their incredible three children, imprinting them with the awareness of presence in their lives. Keli made the choice to parent "consciously" long before ever becoming pregnant. and  she wholeheartedly admits that her kids are her number one reason for doing everything – to help them live their purpose and passions and to be an example of truth for them.

She knows what it feels like to lose a sense of self and to regain it in a way that is both deeper and more satisfying than ever, and that continues to foster much deeper relationships. It is all of these experiences that now allow Keli to support and nurture moms to feel confident, empowered and strong in the way they raise their children and live their own lives.



We have an infinite amount of choices in every moment of every day that, when made, shape our future. If we aren't able to see or understand these choices that lay in front of us clearly, we often become victim to our conditioned (limited) patterns and beliefs, and in turn, we often end up blaming events or others, which breeds resentment and further reinforces those patterns. The core of this program is to connect you and your family to your inner strength, wisdom, and ability to shift your perspective from one of victim to that of witness to empowerment. An example of this comes from our eldest son...

One day while he was still in junior high school, our eldest son was asked to speak on the topic of a "good day versus a bad day." This (then) 6-foot-tall guy gets up and speaks about how accomplishing things (like cleaning, etc.) constitutes a good day while getting stuck on electronic devices and apps such as YouTube would be a bad day.

The teacher and room of kids were almost laughing in disbelief.

Does my son go around joyfully cleaning my house after school because he loves it? Is he so disciplined that he limits himself to only 20 minutes of YouTube a day?

The answer is a resounding NO! But he is not confused as to what feeds his soul and nourishes his spirit, and what it feels like getting caught up on YouTube for hours. Do my children complain if I say, "Let's do a family clean up?" Yes, they do, but they also notice how this act of joining as a family fills them up and leaves them feeling connected, as though they contributed and accomplished something for a bigger whole.

Meditation and mindfulness don't stop obstacles in our lives, nor will we automatically make different choices 100% of the time, but we will witness the impact of those situations differently. As a result, our ability to respond rather than simply react unconsciously (based on our conditioned beliefs, etc.) will become part of our everyday experience, leaving us much more empowered, peaceful, and at ease in life. Our daily actions can then reflect what is truly important to us.


Parenting is the hardest responsibility I know of,  Keli Carpenter has a unique and powerful influence on her three children. The balance of a mom, a friend and a life career manager is rare. She blends her personal skills with her mothers intuitions of everyday life.

The greatest legacy  we leave our world is a young life , trained to critically think and empowered by compassion to willingly care. Keli excels at raising her children , and surrounding them with the tools they will take forward in their own personal search of excellence.

Keli is mindfulness . She unselfishly serves her family and her community . She shares her presence with all who are fortunate enough to be around her.

BP, Father of two, community leader

The support that I felt was beautiful! The increase in patience and new sense of calm I have from my meditation practice is palpable. My kids are learning and enjoying it also.

Thank you!

CW, Mom of three

I can't say enough how this has impacted my life and I would encourage anyone to go through this!

LF, Working mom


  • q-iconI'm a grandma, can I join?

    YES! You are a mom, a grandma, and a woman. If this program resonates with you and you feel drawn to this transformation, then we welcome you and your wisdom!

  • q-iconDo I need a camera on my computer to join the meeting rooms?

    No, it is not required but HIGHLY recommended. We are creating a transformational supportive environment, and being able to see each other helps shape that community.

  • q-iconI want to learn more before I join, where can I do that?

    I understand, the best way is to add your name to the waiting/registration list. You will receive an email updating you with program information and timing. My welcome video and additional tools will also be in the email.

    Please note, if you haven’t watched the two videos on this page, please watch them now.

  • q-iconCan stay at home dads join this group?

    Unfortunately, this program is only open to women. That said, I do teach a similar program that is open to everyone. I do privately teach, guide and support families and individuals. 

    Please add your contact in the pop-up at the bottom of the page, and I will get back to you.

  • q-iconIs Primordial Sound part of a religion?

    No, Primordial Sound Meditation® technique was developed by Deepak Chopra and David Simon (Chopra Center). Meditation is an ancient tradition that has no links to religion but does have roots in the ancient Vedic/Yoga traditions which are more about ways of living within the natural laws of nature. Yoga means the union of mind, body, and soul. PSM® will deepen anyone’s current faith; it has been said, and I agree, “Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening.”

  • q-iconMy son is only a baby, should I wait until he is older?

    Great question! The foundation of this course is you! This course sets the stage to be the best you that you can be for your kids. There is no required age for that to begin, the sooner, the better, especially since the demands on your time and patience will change as they get older. We are also not teaching kids “do as I say, not as I do,“ therefore now is the perfect opportunity to deepen and re-enforce your practice before it is time to start sharing that with your son.

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